Friday, May 7, 2010

Do ocular for your wedding preps venue!

During the course of our wedding preparations, one thing really bothered me a lot... Where the hell in Metro Manila shall I do our wedding preparations? As the older traditional people would say "Saan ka bababa?" (translation: Where are you going down???) Hmmm... I wonder why they say it that way! It is really a challenge to get a hotel room that is both inexpensive and big! I have tried to look at some hotels online around the Manila area since Sta. Maria Goretti Parish is located in Manila.

The requirements are:
  • a spacious room big enough to contain all our suppliers
  • another room for Christian
  • a room for my family -- for the convenience of my dad who is a survivor of stroke.
  • nice windows
No grand staircase requirement for me... An elevator shot will do for me!

Sofitel???? Wow.. we don't have the budget for that... It will be nice if we could have the preps in Sofitel. Big rooms, Manila Bay sunset view... grand staircase. I will definitely fatten myself up with the breakfast buffet at Spirals... maybe for our renewal of vow on our 10th anniversary.

Manila Diamond??? Hmmmm... Possibly..... but will cost us a lot if we will be booking 3 rooms... Sigh!!!

Hyatt??? Another no no... Christian should not be around Black Jack tables ... poker tables.. slot machines... anything with the gambling mark! Hahahaha... Joke lang luvs!

GHotel...this has the potential. Based from the reviews of w@wies and referral from friends, it is one in our shortlisted hotels.

Then come the hotel behind our church.... it is not really a hotel but somewhat like a short stay place. The person at the reception told me that they usually cater to priests and other people who are in Manila for conventions and the like. My mom was really digging the place since it is the cheapest one that we have looked at.

However, I did not feel the it factor and I told her the room is simply small to fit all the suppliers! She was really clueless when I told her about that. She said that it will fit! Just look at the photos dear readers....

not really big... and the room is somewhat dark

i am also not keen on the bed... it has the minimal touch!

As the wedding date draws near, I am really anxious to find the right place. We looked at Pearl Garden Hotel as our wedding reception venue and when we checked out the rooms, we knew that this is it. Christian kept on saying.. Pwede.. pwede.. pwede... When I saw the executive suite.. I knew that this is it....

Just look how we snuggled.. hahahaha.. in the room...

i am really wondering why they cornered me...

just look at those suppliers!!!

camera showdown... i am guessing if Jo Anne or their rockstar assistant paolo...

hmmm..... suppliers galore! our dream team!

So to all brides out there.. you might have your respective requirements --- the floor to ceiling big windows, the sensual room furnishings that can be captured, the breathtaking staircase, the softest beds and linens... whatever it will be... BE SURE that it can fit all your suppliers.

Other things that we should consider:
  • Will they allow delivered food in the rooms? -- remember you have to feed your suppliers
  • Will they let you check in early or have a late check out without extra cost? -- some weddings are in the mid afternoon, most hotels have a check out time of 12 noon.
  • Wll they provide discounts if you book more rooms? --- let's face it ... it is not only the bridal suite that we might need to book... especially those who will follow the tradition that the bride and groom should not see each other on the night before the wedding. grooms need to be relax too the night before the wedding.
  • Check online rates -- they are usually cheaper! Always check the promotions link on the hotel's website!
  • Try to explore other hotels... There is something special in discovering new places!
One way or the other... you can still have it at your home... do it the traditional way! Nothing beats the old school way!

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