Thursday, May 6, 2010

things i forgot to note in our suppliers' rating

I just realized that I missed out some items that we used for our wedding or suppliers that we failed to recognize. This is a big boo boo for me.. I think I am just overwhelm with how things worked out for us.

We are now on our 3rd week as man and wife... and I am really happy that say that Christian is more sweeter... loving.. and caring than how he is before we got married! I am shocked actually on how he is behaving but I can say that I am loving it!

So here is the list:

Our wedding rings
Peso power: gift from my cousins --- Kuya Boy & Benjie

Wedding rings are the only thing that will remind a couple that they are married and have committed themselves to love their partner from here up to eternity. This item on any wedding checklist can have a price range from 100 pesos to 100 thousands or even millions. For our wedding, we cannot afford any expensive rings. We checked out almost if not all the jewelry shops in SM Megamall and SM North Edsa and even in Trinoma to get the best deal that we can get. We have trimmed down our choices to the stainless steel rings with diamonds in Hearts and Arrows and the rings we saw at Suarez which we can lay-away.

Then come my friend from the US, saying that I should check out the stores online since it will be cheaper and I can ship it to her place and she send it to me. So, with the wonders of the worldwide web. I know what Christian wants for a ring.. white gold and very very plain! I did find it and when I showed it to him, he liked it. One of my cousin joked her siblings to buy it for us and they did! Happy happy happy. We just had it engraved here for 120 pesos each ring!

simple and sweet.. we want it to be wearable everyday with our lifestyle... wow as if active!


Suit of Christian and my dad
Chancellor ---> SM Centerpoint
Pesos power: 2,1999 each with free pants... plus 45 pesos for length alterations

This must be one of the good finds that we have had among the many ones. Christian is not particular in getting himself a suit for the wedding. He originally planned to just rent one from Gardini's. When we learned about the Onesimus outlet store in Mandaluyong and the prices that they give, he agreed to check it out. But before we got to the outlet store, one ordinary day at the mall, by instinct, I checked out some of the suits that they have inside SM Centerpoint. My mom was with me at that time since we just picked up our invitations from Impress Prints in San Juan.

At the men's department, I saw some sale signs up. I got excited since it goes lower and lower and the one that really caught our attention is the one from Chancellor offering the free pants. My mom then decided to get one for my dad as well but we need to split the bill... hehehehe.. That same weekend we all went to SM Centerpoint to get the suits.

The suit is not bad. It looks great on Christian. My dad looked good also. People taught that we have it made or something since it fitted them well. It is really a good find.


Christian's neck tie
Pesos power: 399.00

This is most painstaking item that we need to find. Christian wants it to be green and he wants it on a particular shade of green! He said that he will have the "IT" factor if he sees the right one. We went to almost all the men's store in Trinoma, tried to search in SM and he ended up buying one at the Arrow corner in Landmark! Gosh!

Christian's Shoes
Hmmm.. forgot the brand!
Peso power: 900 pesos... on sale at Robinson's Place Manila

I already scouted for Christian's shoes before the wedding. He bought his shoes the night before the wedding.... Yes folks! The night before! I was in a panicking mode at this point since I still have to have my nails done! Talk about pressure and cramming! Oh well he got them!

Christian's polo
Hmmm.. no idea of the brand also
Peso power: 699.99... not on sale.. too bad!

He wanted to take the black route... so be it! He chose it... I left him with his best man to chose which polo he likes... He also bought this the night before the wedding! Very nice right? I still have to pick up the principal sponsors' tokens and meet up with my 2 entourage members at the mall. Sigh!!!

When I saw him with the polo on... I noted myself that he did well in choosing his polo!

My supposedly bridal shoes
Peso power: 1700 ---> it was on sale way way way back in November

I fell in love with these shoes when I saw it last November. I have worn it at home just to break it in!! LOL!!! I even took it during my fitting! On the day of the wedding.. my sister and my bridal assistant were helping me out put it on! Happiness.. UNTIL.. I stood up and took a few steps... ouch ouch ouch.. hmmm the left foot does not feet right... I tried to walk, thinking that pain is ok for beauty! Hmmm... no no no!!! I cannot imagine myself kneeling painfully with these shoes one! So i changed! Luckily my mom brought my sister's graduation shoes! We are the same size! Life saver! Or else I will have my coordinator go to Robinson's to buy me a new pair!

i can just exhale heavily... i really wanted to wear this pair of shoes!

i tried to wear the shoes at the office... damn it is really small for my fit!

Birdcage worn during photo shoot and reception
from Greenhills
Peso power: my mom and sisters got it for me.. I really don't have an idea how much is it!

Just want to take note of this one! I really really wanted to have a birdcage. I really liked the idea of wearing it during the church ceremony. I searched far and wide then one day when I got home my sister said that they got me one! I am just so happy and thankful! Nice nice nice!!!

the birdcage was perfect!

Xtian's best man suit
Peso power: 500 plus 200 for pants and 1000 refundable deposit

You will probably make fun of us when I tell you that we got Xtian's best man's suit the afternoon before the wedding. Christian is such a crammer right! All the cramming moments were all his assignments! So co-w@wies.. please take time to check on your h2bs... hehehehe! Wag kulitin.. Check lang! Well good thing, Gardini is really easy to transact with. We went to the one along España beside UST. Butay just have to find the size suitable for him. Problem though, the pants were too short if he gets one in his size. Solution.... he got a bigger one! Hahahaha... All together it was so easy! We returned the suit the Saturday after the wedding. Security deposit was given back with no questions! Perfect!

Michael.. or Butay (his lastname) .. Christian's best man.. suit looked nice

Paper materials... DIY materials

Ever-trusted National Bookstore
Peso power: 500 - 1000 pesos ---> got a 500 peso National Bookstore gift certificate during our Christmas party

Nothing can beat do-it-yourself projects.. Our wedding brought out the creative me. I am honestly not creative... I can think of the things I can do but not actually implement it... I don't know photoshop that well .. used MS Word and MS Powerpoint! Hehehehe.. In the end, it all went well.

I hope I did not forget anything else! It was fun doing the suppliers' ratings. It was fun to plan the wedding all together. The only thing I don't want to think about is money part. Eventhough our budget is very limited... when people give praises on how elegant looking and how fabulous the wedding is.. my heart skips! All the research and constant comparison paid off. Christian still has a hangover of our wedding. He cannot believed that we pulled off such a big project!

Now our next project.. hehehehe... SECRET!

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