Sunday, May 2, 2010

the projects that made it!

I never thought that I will ever do any DIY projects for our wedding. I can say that with a little bit of creativity and determination, I was able to pull off some of it. Here are some photos to showcase how they end up during our big day!

the centerpiece luminaries... with candles already provided by the hotel. It listed all the chat room rules we have for the reception

the luminaries serves as our table numbers as well... here it is together with the recycled jars that I have decorated and ballpens for the wish cards

the misalette... I used parchment paper for the covering... I simply printed it out to cover our misalette...

the sign pens... we used this for our guests to fill out the wish cards

our 2ndary candles.. the first DIY project that I made.

There is one project that this not made it to our wedding day and that will be the escort cards. I really have a down moment during the wedding preparations and it happened 3 to 4 days before the wedding. I really don't want to think of the wedding anymore. I just stopped thinking about it and doing the projects. Time just stood still for me! However, I was able to start a new but it was too late to catch up with the projects.

Lesson learned: Do the projects earlier...

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