Monday, April 19, 2010

Where OUR history began!

Sta. Maria Goretti Parish
Pope Pius XII Catholic Center, 1175 United Nations Avenue, Paco, Manila
Telephone no.
: 525.9125/536.1820
  • mass intentions
  • flowers
  • red carpet
  • air conditioning
  • soloist with organ --> we did not avail of this one since we have the strings band
  • electricity for video coverage
Peso power: Php 15000

Sta. Maria Goretti Parish is not a known church unlike the Manila Cathedral or San Agustin Church. Some people might have no idea where the heck is it. The area is more known as Pope Pius XII Catholic Center. The center is well-known to students of Catholic schools in the Manila area since there will be plays and other programs held in the auditorium of the center. I was the one who introduced this church to Christian. He really wanted a small church. He already set his eyes on Malate Church but when we heard mass in Pope Pius, he said that this is the one! I am just thrilled to hear that.

After booking our church, overflow of blessings came in. Christian got a job, we won the e-ring from the w@w Christmas party. got from the auction the infamous photo/video package and many more! We are really happy to have booked this Church. Every time that we come to this church we win 100 pesos from the local Lottery. Hehehehe!!!!
The parish office is also easy to deal with expect for the fact that Ms. Lanie, one of the staff, is really a pain sometimes. She will be calling us non-stop about some details, like reminding us about the Pre-cana seminar when she already reminded us a day before the call. She also kept on complaining that me and Christian are hard to reach since we don't answer her calls. We informed her that we are night owls... We have our phones on silent mode every morning to get our deserving sleep. When she asked us what time is best to call us, we answered 6 PM, she went ballistic! LOL! I just provided the number for my mom's house so that she can leave a message for us with her. The other staff though, Bro. Vic is really easy to talk to. He even have us borrow a copy of their misalette. He is such a darling! They are really not strict with passing the requirements and making the full payment. We passed our documents a day before the wedding and finalized the details the day before. I was just shocked that they have to charge us 500 pesos per electric equipment that will be plugged! I cannot believe that they have the same rate as the hotel! Oh well, I have to deal with that. Just let it go!

During the wedding, the priest is really articulate and really funny. My mom kept on saying that the cameras made father really nervous! However, I really really love the sermon but Christian said that it is too long! One way or the other, the ceremony is really solemn and sweet! The sound system is good as well. The air conditioning was fine according to our guests! I was on the other hand was melting because of the spotlight! The flowers that they have looked good also. It was not right to be choosy about the flowers since it is El Niño, in my mind any flowers will do! The arrangement is not that bad!
Problem though, the wooden door cannot be closed! My OTD team have to cover the glass door with white cartolina to have the dramatic entrance! hehehehe! Oh well... I missed out on that one during our preparations. We really thought that the doors can be closed! Sorry! But if you want a really cozy and really intimate wedding, you will never go wrong with this church!

not so lavish.. not so plain... but simple enough for us

nice shots ....
plain ol' malaysian mums.... sana ginawa nilang yellow!

beautiful altar!

i never realized that the church actually have a chandelier... me & xtian usually seat at the side of the church when we hear mass here!

this altar made me love the church more!

Rating: 4/5
i need to deduct something for the very makulit and masungit lady in the parish office... plus the fact that I have to pay extra for the electricity charge!

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