Saturday, April 17, 2010

Suppliers' Ratings! A w@w thing!

From all the things that I have experienced during the wedding preparations, joining weddings at work or w@w is the best move that I have ever made. W@w is an avenue where all brides to be and grooms to be meet and exchange insights and ask feedback about the ins and outs of preparing for a wedding. I not only gained knowledge about weddings in w@w but I have gained friends whom I am really fond of! My w@W sisters are the best! W@w is a brain child of Sir John and Ms. Benz Rana...and I am thankful to them for creating the group!

As part of the w@w tradition, any w@wie couple should share their ratings and feedbacks on the wedding suppliers that they had during their big day. Since we have hurdled our wedding day... it is our time to share our suppliers' ratings! I have opted to share it on this blog since I believe that a couple's suppliers' rating should help their respective suppliers craft. The feedback should provide constructive criticisms that will enable the supplier to further develop their skills.

We will be rating our suppliers from 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. I will be try to be fair in doing this rating and will be getting feedback from our guests and relatives who are there during the wedding.

The next posts on this blog will be the differnt suppliers that we have during our memorable day. I hope that future brides will be enlightened with this write ups. Don't think of the cons as a bad thing. It might have happened with our wedding but I can be different from yours. As I said earlier, this is meant to be a positive criticism on the suppliers! Let the ratings begin!


  1. hi sis libz! can't wait to read about your supplier's rating! :)

  2. ps:

    best wishes on your marriage! truly, you're one joyful bride and your wedding is awesome!