Monday, April 19, 2010

To have or not to have entertainment... we have one!

Address: 3003 South Road, Raminel Subd., Dalandanan, Valenzuela City
Telephone no.: 279.1253/0928.700.7935/0917.867.3396
  • 2 violins
  • 1 keyboard
  • 1 male singer
Peso power: Php 7000 for both church and reception --> a very special rate!

We really don't have any plans on getting a wedding musician for our wedding. It is one of the listed items in our nice-to-have. One of my grade school classmates actually offered to play his violin during the church ceremony. My classmate has been playing the violin since our pre-school days and he is now a musician on board cruises. When we met during our reunion last March, he informed me that he will not be able to play for us since he is scheduled to go on-board on April 12... just 3 days before the wedding. So in return, he told me that he will be referring me to his cousin who is a wedding musician. I was hesitant at first. Christian is not really keen on adding costs to our list of payable but I tried to get in touch with Kuya Lito Santos.

Kuya Lito is easy to talk to over the phone. He even joked that he might have seen me already when I was younger since he is the one who usually picked up my friend from school! When we talked about the package, I told him that the price is ok with me. I really did not ask for Christian's decision on this one. I wanted to surprise him. Kuya Lito then asked me to email him the songs that we wanted. I emailed him after I paid the down payment. I only wanted one song to be played... Francis M's Labsong! It will be my bridal march. Francis M. is Christian's favorite singer. I know that the band will be having a great challenge to play it. It is not your usual bridal march song and not many people know it! I even texted Kuya Lito to ask if they are having problems with my song and he assured me that they are practicing it already.

When the door of the church opened, all I could her is the opening phrases of Labsong...

Under a shield of darkness
Your face flows in the moonlight
Amidst the cloudless stars
And the sky so high
Don't wanna break free from your embrace
Just wanna look at your lovely face
Hold me 'til the end of time.

If it takes a lifetime
'Til the days turn into nighttime
Forever 'til the next life
'Til the light escapes my eyes
Together you and I.

It never ends cuz it always starts
Love so deep in the fathoms of my heart
Drowning in an ocean of emotion
You're driving me crazy and I'm helpless
I'll be taking a shower in the madness
So please say yes cuz I'll be confessing to you
That I need you so.

I just love it. When Christian and I were seated during the readings, he kept on saying that he is happy that the band played Labsong and they rendered it beautifully. The band also played the church songs impeccably. I like the singer's voice even though I was not really eyeing for a male singer but I was proven wrong!

Beatitude Strings gave a formal ambiance to our reception as they played during dinner. They played very well as well. My relatives kept on saying that the band is really good and where in the heck I discovered them. They said that it is just too sad that the band did not play anymore after the program since most of the guests went home. I just hope that Kuya Lito's band played Labsong again during the reception. I was not able to savor it since the aisle was too short.. LOL!

the male singer was really good ...

Rating: 5/5

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