Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flowers ... flora... bulaklak!

JVM Flowershop
Address: Stall 11 Dos Castillas Street, Sampaloc, Manila (Dangwa)
Telephone no.: 493.0504/0909.516.5094

  • 1 bridal bouquet - calla lilies and green carnations with green foliage
  • 1 maid of honor - white roses with green fillers
  • bridesmaids - white roses with green fillers
  • 3 secondary sponsors - wrist corsages of white flowers and green fillers
  • 3 female principal sponsors - nosegay of white flowers and green fillers
  • 1 mother - white roses with green fillers
  • 1 tossing bouquet - free from the package
  • 1 offertory flower arrangement - free from the package
  • 10 boutonnieres
  • loose petals - free from the package (not delivered!)
  • 1 bridal car flower - (it was not delivered!)

Peso power: Php 6105.00 less 10% for booking during the Bridal fair last January

I am not really particular with flowers. I am not a girl who knows the types of flowers out there aside from the common ones like roses and tulips. I even thought of having the flowers as a project and use paper or cloth as materials. I downloaded several ways of doing it already but when I got the a bridal fair last January, I came across JVM Flowershop and they quoted a price that is reasonable enough for us. So I asked Sis Kristell from w@w to book them for us. Yes, Sis Kristell again... she is my bridal fair companion! LOL!!!

During the whole preparation it is easy to deal with Ms. Lanie, the owner of the flowershop. We talked about the details and the flowers that I wanted for my bouquet --- green cymbidiums with white roses! I wanted green flowers and cymbidium is the best green flowers that I have found. Unfortunately, two days before the wedding I was informed by Ms. Lanie that they will not be able to get green cymbidiums due to the El Nino.... Curse you global warming!!!!! So she showed my green carnations that will be used instead. Not the green effect that I wanted but it is okay. I cannot mess with nature! She told me that she will just add green buds or whatever you call it and I requested to have white calla lilies in the middle instead of the white roses. Now that is finalized!

Come wedding day.... Ms. Lanie personally delivered the flowers. They all looked good. I am not really happy with my bouquet though since it is not green cymbidiums and the lilies looked a little bit withered already but I guessed that is really due to the hot weather. The boutonnieres are also not that beautiful. I texted her the day before to have the groom's boutonniere to be different but Christian's flower looked the same as the others. I was the one who received the flowers since my OTD coordinator is still not around. I forgot to checked the bridal car flowers and the loose petals. They also delivered an extra bouquet, thinking that the groom's mom was missed out in the list.

my bridal bouquet... still thinking how it will look like with green cymbidiums!

principal sponsors' flowers... with the rose boutonnieres....

nice shot!

secondary sponsors' wrist corsage... i like the green ribbon!

nice nice nice.. daisy!

the offertory flower.....

When I texted Ms. Lanie about the bridal car flower not being delivered, she simply replied that my coordinator did not text her anything about it. I was actually expecting another reply from her since we added an additional of 300 pesos for that to be included in our package. She even asked me to add an additional amount for the green cymbidiums. I was really hoping that she offered something else like have us get a floral arrangement or something but none. So I just let it go! Too tired to deal with this one!

To those looking for a florist, JVM Flowershop will give you the value for your money. They are really good but I guess it is also my fault not to really count the flowers when they delivered it. Ms. Lanie is really easy to deal with and she replies quickly to text messages.

Rating: 3.5/5

I really wanted the green cymbidiums! Plus they did not deliver the bridal car & loose petal.. I also texted them a few days ago for them to make me the same bridal bouquet and they are charging me 800 pesos even though I told them to less the payment I made on the bridal car flowers!

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