Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something for our principal sponsors

The Russian Cookie House
Makati City, Manila
Telephone no.:
Email address:
Peso power:
Php 280 per box ... Php 1680 for 6 boxes

On the last minute of the wedding preparations, my sister informed me that she will not be able to buy the tokens for our principal sponsors.. Hmmm... stress alert! When I heard about this one, I already geared up to look for tokens that will easier for us to get. Me and my mom went around Robinson's Place... Not very keen on getting some decorations thingy.... We are leaning towards something edible... Looked at small cakes.... and other chocolate stuff... ended up with Russian cookies. The boxes are elegant looking and I know that the cookies they have taste sooo good! I actually received a box of their wonderful cookies when I was hospitalized last year and I have to wait for a week to savor it until my throat healed from the tonsillectomy. Good thing about this token is that I don't have to have to wrap it up anymore. I have some personalized thank you cards printed out already.

On the night before the wedding, I just passed by their outlet at Robinson's Place and bought 6 boxes.... Wrote on the thank you cards and slipped it in between the ribbons! Perfect.. Elegant looking yet simple enough to represent us. We are food loving people and an edible token truly shows me and Christian! The day after the wedding, I went to my aunt's house and both my mom's sisters were raving about the cookies. They both said that the cookies are so good. I even received a text message from my cousin, whose mom is one of our principal sponsors, asking me where I got the cookies! We are both glad that our principal sponsors appreciated our tokens even though it was not well planned! That is the beauty of on the spot thinking... they come up to be the most suitable!

just simply wrapped... the way that we want it to be!

I made personalized notes for our ninongs and ninangs!
Pistachio cookies up front... looks really good right?

Rating: 5/5

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