Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Same day edit! by Phoeben Teocson

Aside from exchanging vows with Christian, our onsite or same day edit video is one of the reasons that I am looking forward to our wedding day..... It is part of the photo/video package that we got from the w@w auction and just before the wedding, I shared on this blog that Phoeben Teocson will be doing the onsite video for us.

What is an onsite video? It is usually shots taken during the wedding day from the preparation to the wedding ceremony. Others will have shots taken on the earlier part of the reception like the first couple's dance and the entrance what have you! These shots will be then edited and shown during the wedding reception..... This is technology at its finest..... but for me it is what I called "instant gratification."

When it was time to watch the video, I held hands with Christian and I know we will both love whatever Bim had made for us. I have been watching all the onsite videos that he posts on this site. It had become a habit for me to check his site every now and then just to see if there is something new. I am also a frequent visitor at Chug Cadiogan's site and he is one of our videographers as well. Well... this time it is not his client's onsite that we will be watching it is ours! It is simply beautiful! Christian loved the song!

Our guests loved it too.. They cannot stop talking about it... Well they cannot stop talking about the number of crew our photo/video suppliers! LOL!

Here it is... watch and enjoy.

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