Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Invitation Layout! the YM layout!


Telephone no.: 0922.8211281 (Noel) /0917.8822745 (Krisel)

Email address: graphizar.designs@gmail.com

Peso power: Php 500

I already have a vision of the invites that we will have. Since me and Christian decided on having a Yahoo Messenger theme, we have to have the interface of YM as part of the layout. I tried to do it on my own but the printer that we got needs to have the layouts in high resolution.... Hmmm.. dumb dumb alert! They said I have to do it on Corel Draw or Photoshop. It read as foreign language to me.

Then came in Graphizar! Co-w@w Sis Krisel & her hubby, Noel, started the business to do caricatures and they have incorporated doing layout for invites as well as monograms. So I grabbed the opportunity for them to do our invite layouts. I have the concept but I don’t have the juices to do it in the programs being asked by Impress Prints.

It was easy transacting with Sis Krisel. After I deposited the money, it took around two weeks for the final layout to be sent to us. I guess they are really busy with the pending work that they have. With the rates that they have, they might have been swamped by orders. In the end, the wait is fully worth it! Christian is so happy with it. Keep on saying that our invites is so unique and not the typical invitations that is out there.

Kudos to Sis Krisel and Noel. More power to their business….

The entourage card..
the main invite... i really like the combination of colors

Rating: 4.99/5
there were some misspelled words but i did not bother to have it changed by them

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