Monday, August 31, 2009

our humble abode...

We have been living at this small house for more than a year now. We transferred to this house last May 2008. We are just renting it out, starting out like any other couple. While I have a digicam in my hand, I started to snap away... taking pictures of our house. When we moved in, the place is really bare. We do not have enough stuff in it. Just a bed foam, my mom's very old ref, my wardrobe cabinet from highschool and our tv and dvd.

For a period of one year, we were able to fill the house with some stuff. We acquired a rice cooker and some small kitchen appliances and borrowed his aunt's small stove and sofa. The best of all our acquisition is a bed frame and new bed foam.... We have been sleeping on the floor for some time now, even the time that we still lived with my parents! Having a bed is really really nice to my back!!! We even have a washing machine now... Our next target maybe after the wedding an airconditioning unit!!! To my guests... i really really would like to have one of those! Hint hint!!!

The kitchen part of our house but we usually cook outside where the stove is.

Our bedroom... disregard the messy study table that is right now collecting dust.... I have been on leave (AWOL more likely) from school to finish my masters.

The living room cum dining room view from our bedroom.

Slowly but surely our house is looking more like a house... rather than a bare unit like it was before. I just wish once we get married in April we will be able to start saving up to buy our own house.

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