Friday, August 7, 2009

The search continues...

I have been setting aside for weeks now the trip to Bureau of Internal Revenue office in Intramuros. Christian made me go today by picking me up from work and headed straight to the BIR office. He said that reason why we don't have any signed clients at the moment because of my lack of enthusiam in taking care of this one. Well, I guess he is right, so I just gave in. As expected, we got there with the place still closed. We then decided to go around Intramuros and checked some of the reception venues around the area. I was really planning to see La Castellana without me telling him. Hehehehe!!!

We walked... saw Villa Immaculada and the other venues of Tamayo's, but Tamayo's out of the question. I got upset with them for not sending any proposals that I requested from the bridal fair last June. I also heard that their food is so and so.... So Tamayo's off the list. We went around and notice that La Castellana is right next to Villa Immaculada. The place was still close since it was just around 7 AM so Christian said that we can come back after I finished my business at BIR. Once the BIR office opened, I hurriedly finish the thing that I need accomplished!!!!

We went our way back to La Castellana. We were able to go inside the venue and it was nice but I am not keen of not having parking for my guests. I guess that is the reason I don't want our wedding reception in Intramuros.... I want to save my guests on having problems of getting a parking space. The rates were ok, almost the same with the rates of Light of Love. Place is good if you are really looking for a reasonable venue in Intramuros. So off we went and walked around, I saw the Angelo King Center which I read can also be a reception venue. Hmmm... what can I say about the place.... the reception will just be set up in the building's lobby... it is not even a hall. Off the list.

Then we decided to go to my mom's place instead... another day ended but I think Christian is already decided on Light of Love. We just need to make the reservation before the month's end. Too bad I do have a camera with me. I would love to share the sights of these venues. Sorry!!!

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