Monday, August 24, 2009

Presenting... our save-the-date cards/boarding pass

I have been looking around online on what good DIY stuff to do for our wedding and I came upon this boarding pass template.... I was then inspired to make our save the date cards using the template. I never realized that it will turn out fine after I printed out a page of it to give out for my UP SOLAIR friends of whom two of them will be our principal sponsors. There are two different boarding passes --- one for the entourage and principal sponsors and another for our guests. I am really not a creative person but I guess this is a good start to stir my imagination. We are both thinking of making our own invites ourselves to save on the cost since this DIY project costs us less than 500 pesos... hehehehe!!!! We also started distributing all the STDs to my relatives last week and I will be handing them out to my friends this week.

The boarding pass that we have for our entourage and our principal sponsors....

The envelope that we have made to enclosed our boarding passes. The color of the envelope is ecru and it is hard to distinguish it here in the photo.

The boarding pass for our guests.. we really want the language in Filipino but in consideration of our friends from the US, we have it in English. We used our monogram as a sticker to close the flaps of the envelopes.

To keep up with the list of DIY projects that we are planning.... I saw this neat box from SM Cubao the other day to place all my DIY junk (Christian calls them junk!). This will greatly help to keep myself organize and have all the things I need in one place. What made me really buy this box is that it is 50% off .... so it costs me Php 75.00 .... :-)

Very organize right... brings out the OC-ness in me.

I can't wait to start with the other projects that I can create!!!!

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  1. sis, congratz..2012 bride po ako and it makes me smile everytime I come across something like this. :D