Monday, August 24, 2009

My handy dandy wedding clearbook!!!

If Steve of Blue's clues has a handy dandy notebook, I have a handy dandy wedding clearbook!!! I started this a few days after we started our wedding preparations. It keeps me organize with the stuff and serves as my scrapbook as well. The first few pages I have printed out the photos of inspirations that we bookmarked. It also contains the contracts from the suppliers that we already book and of course the receipts for the payment that we made. The other pages will have the flyers from the bridal fairs that we went to but of course we already browsed through the mountain of flyers and kept the ones that we will like to book.

The clearbook is somewhat old since I used it since my first year in UP SOLAIR but I have to recycle it. The content it has is gathering dust in our house, I better put it in good use now. I carry this clearbook around with me whenever I go out. It is an easy way to convey the mood that we want for our wedding whenever we come across a supplier that we need to talk to. I think it is really weird to carry it around with me but I find a certain joy whenever I look at it specially if my day is going bad!

Just look at the dirt in front of the folder. I cannot take it off. Dust nearly ate the whole folder when I found it! :-)

Monograms designed by Sis Ri from w@wie! I have it printed on photo paper and it really really looked so fine!!!

A reminder of my OC-ness!!!!

I also keep the name tags and IDs that we have during bridal fairs... just for memories sake!

The clearbook is really helpful to keep me organize specially with the receipts of suppliers and contracts that we have. I am very picky with contracts... Obligations and contracts is my favorite subject in law school.... hehehehe :-)

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