Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another bridal fair...

Me and Christian went to another bridal fair at SM Megamall with my American friend, Chris. It was a very small fair unlike the other fairs that I have been to before. I registered for it since I saw the list of suppliers that they have and it included the photo/video supplier that we really feel good with during the first bridal fair at the world trade center. I even texted the owner just to informed him that we will be putting in a reservation to save our date.

The fair is indeedly small, most of the suppliers were photo/video. One thing I noticed is that the suppliers are providing really good rates than the previous fairs that we went to. The rates are really suitable for budget concious soon-to-be-wed couples. We had a very good deal with our photo/video. I also love the fact that we got a 10% discount on the package and got some deals with it as well. It might not be a known photo/video provider since they are just starting up but I am really at ease with dealing with the owner of the business and he is the videographer as well. CD Worx is the name of the supplier and we cannot wait to work with them! Their photo albums are not bad as well and the pictures are really good pictures! I am keeping my fingers that everything will be good since pictures are important to since this will be the one that I can show my children when they are all grown up.

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