Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Entourage Gowns

I am not really good with dresses and gowns or anything to do with fashion. I am not the girlie girlie type. In short, I do not have any FASHION SENSE! I am senseless with fashion! LOL. With picking out the gowns for my entourage, all I wanted is for them to have an outfit that they will be able to use again. I let my sisters decide on what they want to wear. They told me that they don't want to have the same outfits but will follow a cut that will be the same. Both of them ended up agreeing on having Greek like outfits. This is where the attempt to have a Greek theme came up.

They downloaded tons of dresses online but I will post some of what they really want. Even my mom ended up looking for a dress of her own. My aunt even joined in the bandwagon since she will be one of our principal sponsors.

Here are the photos that they have sent me....

My sister, Sharleen, wants this one. Of course the color will be mainly aqua with a touch of chartreuse. She said that she wants to have her outfit be the same outfit she will be wearing for her JS Prom to save money. I guess I will have to agree on that!!!

I will still have to see what my maid of honor and secondary sponsors think about these dresses. I have some other dresses on the wedding magazines I got from my friend from the US. I can say that Americans are really serious about weddings!!! The magazines contains a lot of designs to choose from.... One thing is for sure, I don't want any shiny materials for their dresses.... I am not a fan of shiny stuff!

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