Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Ring.... the symbol of forever

Christian and I have been around the whole of Metro Manila in search of the ring that we want. We have been to almost all the jewelry shop in SM North Edsa and even tried to inquire with the jewellers in Mall of Asia!!! Not to mention the several ring suppliers from the 3 bridal fairs that we have been to. I was just crazy!!!! If not for the budget constraints, I guess we have found the ring that we want already.

He is just specific to have a white gold ring with a matte finish. I want the same as well, so there is no fighting over that one. It is set to have that one. My friend, Chris, from North Carolina, told me to look at rings online.... even at I never realized that Walmart have rings. I did what I was told do being the obedient person that I am. Walmart did have rings.... good one at that and really cheap compared to what we have here. Once online, I just can't stop searching. I googled all the necessary words that will give me a result for rings + cheap!!!! I found what can be our rings... when I showed it to Christian, he said that he likes it to since it is very simple and it goes well with our budget...

One problem though... they online ship within the US. I asked my cousin about mailing it to him and then he said that he will just order it for me and it will be his gift for us!!! I am so happy to hear that... So one more supplier off my list... I thought we will end up having a stainless steel ring that we found in Hearts and Arrows... hehehehe... I guess not!!!

One funny note: I have a bigger ring size than Christian... what can I do with that my fingers are fat and short!!! It was really embarrassing to go around the ring suppliers and have them measure our fingers!!! At least I am done with that humiliation already!!!

Here is a photo of the ring that we want:

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