Saturday, August 29, 2009

Longing to have a longer hairstyle!!!

Now that we are planning our wedding... It makes me sick to think that I have a short hairstyle!!! If I only knew that we are getting married next year, I shouldn't have cut my hair short last April!!! The summer was so miserably hot that I need to cut it and now I am looking for ways to have my hair longer before we have our engagement shot and of course before the wedding.

I have my hair this way:
I cannot wait for it to grow longer now. My old friends know me for sporting a short boy-cut hair.... I want to shock them for having a longer hair. I already found the hair and make up that I may have for our wedding. I found it while watching "Priviledged" the other week.

It looks nice right??? Very girlie... very not me! hahahaha

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