Thursday, September 3, 2009

I thought I found the ONE... I am so WRONG!!!

Browsing the internet can really be a culprit… buying more wedding magazines is another thing to blame…. I think I found the dress that I want but NO!!!!! Whenever I go online and try to look at dresses… I found a cut or a design that I want. Whenever I turn the pages of a new magazine, I would put a post-it tab on the page where a wedding dress inspires me!!!! This is really getting out of hand….

Well, it is really hard to find a good dress that will suit my built… my very big built!!! Just to prove this craziness, here are some of the dresses that I really like…..

From one of the magazines that I have. See the post-it tab on the side!!! hehehehe...

I like the style of this gown.. It brings out the era of the Little Women...

I love the one in the middle!!!! I think me and my mom will have an argument about having a knee-length wedding dress.... let's see!!!

I am really not a dress person... I have no fashion sense... I am not the girlie girlie type... But for my dress I want just these things:

  • a V-neckline - to show my cleavage.... wink wink
  • an empire-cut waist --- to make me look thinner... (ASA!!!!!)
  • no shiny cloth... don't wanna have a shiny glow on our wedding pictures!
  • no long train...
I just really love this dress... I like it very very much.... I have to post it one more time!!! With the matching french net thingy (an item I learn from w@wie!)...

Nice isn't it???

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