Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Church and reception venue.... almost checked!!!

After almost 4 months of search and various oculars at numerous churches and reception venues, me and Christian agreed that the church will be at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao, Quezon City. We previously talked about having the ceremony in a small church but due to budget constraints we decided to have it in Immaculate Conception Cathedral instead. I never imagined myself getting married in a cathedral... I don't like a long walk down the aisle! The reason for this is that I am not really good in heels.... so I will now end up having a pair of flat wedding shoes! I just saw the outside of the church when we did our ocular a few months ago but I searched for pictures online of the altar of the church and what can I say it is indeed beautiful.

Photos of the church came from Immaculate's official website.

I remembered my sister, Andie, had her nurse capping ceremony here and I bet it is really big inside. I just hope that it will be sufficiently be filled with guests. I am keeping my fingers cross for that. That is why we want a smaller church to have an intimate environment but then it is God's will to have it here.

For our reception, I went to checked out the clubhouse at Northeast Greenhills. The place is within our budget and our on-the-day coordinator is from the village. The covered area is small but the administrator for the clubhouse said that we can use the garden area. They will also have some folks at the area to help out with the parking of the guests.

I can say that it is really nice and we can simply jazz it up to make it look nicer with luminaries and other stuffs that I planned to DIY with my mom and sisters...

You can see the garden venue from the covered area.... It is big and can really accommodate our less than 100 guests.... Just a little jazzing up of venue

Nice lights....
Photos came from multiply sites with list of venues

We are almost done with our suppliers. I just need to reserve the photobooth supposedly this weekend but the bridal fair was cancel due to the Ondoy tradegy so I will have to book it during the next bridal fair to get the freebies and discounts. Next month I will need to look for other gown supplier for my gown and my entourage's dresses and to pay the sound system supplier. We still have to discuss about the mobile bar that we want. We just have to go next week to Immaculate and Northeast Greenhills to pay the down payments.

So far so good...

Caterer - checked... reservation paid
- detailing by December or January and payment of 50%
Photo-video - paid reservation
OTD Coordinator - contract signed, payment after event
Lights and sounds - need to 50% but already reserved for our wedding date
Rings - good to go... c/o my cousins
Invites - already booked... gift from Ate Pamela

Soon to book...

Church - next week
Reception - next week
Photobooth - next bridal fair... gift from one of our principal sponsors, Tita Prexy

Need to look for...

Gown - need to look for other options
Hair & Make up artist - no idea where to start but hoping my friend is really ok with her doing my make up
Flowers - need to scout around Dangwa (Manila's flower retailers district)

Only 7 months to go... By next month, we have to arrange our wedding documents. I am not to patient with lines. Need to find an alternative for it.

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