Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Need to take a break for 15 minutes from my work and what I ended up doing???? Listing down the DIY projects that we need to do for our wedding and the more I think about it the more excited I am for our wedding. I shared some of it already with Christian but not some of the stuff here since I just thought of it today. I guess what I will have here is the list of all the projects that needs to be finished before the big day but it is not limited to it. Some of the projects are connected to our YM inspired theme... others are inspired from what I see online and it will be great to have them.

Here we go...

Project 1: Centerpieces & Table Numbers in one
Concept: Laptop luminaries with emoticon as screen - need around 8-10 pieces
I got struck with the idea when I remembered my grade 5 science project that I did. It was a desktop computer model... complete with the monitor, CPU with the big diskette slot and keyboard. When I remembered it, I got all excited and wanted to start it already.
Materials needed:
  • box or illustration board
  • double sided tape
  • OHP (overhead projector) film (they still exist!)
  • candles and holders
  • green & blue paint to have the chartreuse and aqua motif in the concept
Project 2: Paper bag luminaries
Concept: I saw the idea from Martha Stewart Weddings and since the garden is sort of bare and it will add a little amph! to it. We need around 10-15 pieces of this. Materials needed:
  • paper bags
  • onion skin paper or vellum paper
  • double sided tape
  • candle and holders
  • sand (to weigh the paper bag down)

Sample of the luminaries... nice right?

Project 3: Candles for the ceremony
This will be my mom's project. I showed her some of the candles at The Wedding Library a few months back and she said that she will just make it. I am not crafty at all to be able to execute something that the ones in that store and we are not going to buy something like 2000 pesos for candles.

Project 4: Audio-Visual presentation of our pictures together
A project of my youngest sister. She is the video master in the family. I just don't know how will she do it. Another idea that I have is to do a slide presentation, not the powerpoint presentation that we know but the old school ones, where you use a special film and have it specifically developed for that purpose. I am just thinking where can we rent an old school slide projector. Thinking cap on!!! I just remembered our Anthropology projects in college.

Project 5: Scratch Card Escort cards!
Concept : This is one of the projects I really want to do! Again, I got the idea online, forgot what site it is but I have the steps printed out. The story behind this project is that Christian is really mad crazy with the Lotto and the sweepstakes scratch games. It will aim to have an interaction or ice breaker for our guests. Something they can talk about before the start of the program. We can also ask for them to drop the coins they use to scratch the escort cards for charity! Why not????

Example of the scratch project that we are planning!
Materials needed:
  • board paper
  • plastic cover adhesive or improvised by using OHP film plus double sided tape
  • gray acryllic paint
  • dishwashing liquid.. yes! you read it right!
  • paint brush
Project 6: Other stationaries projects --- missallette, menu cards, reminder about the photo booth...
Concept: Clueless at the moment... I want something different... something to talk about. Thinking ... think... think!

So far these will be the projects that we have... I already have ideas for our pillows but we don't have anyone to carry it since we are still contemplating if we are going to have a ring bearer. We need your point of views on that one! I love browsing for DIY projects. If we only have materials like they have in the US... I bet more Filipino brides will do more of DIY projects! They just have different stuff to make it easier and have the outputs lovelier and extremely prettier!

Now, I have revived my DIY box from the corner of our room. I transfer my study table outside our room to start working on some of the projects. Wait for the pictures!

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