Sunday, October 11, 2009

One prep filled Sunday

After a tiring day of communiting from North of Manila to South of Manila twice yesterday, I had a Sunday filled with wedding preparations. Early morning today, me, by boyfriend and mom went to Divisoria to scout for entourage gown suppliers as well as get some stuff for the wedding... It is already near the 6 months mark for us to prepare for the big day and the time is making me nuts! We were able to find a supplier to do the entourage gowns and my mom's dress. I even have myself measured for my bridal gown but I am not certain about it. Think think think!!! While looking for dressmakers, we bought some stuff as well like the party poppers and my glue gun for the DIY projects! I looked for boxes that will be perfect to place our principal sponsors' gift but I failed to get one. We also went to the store that sells candles and man they were jampacked. People are starting to stock for candles for the coming all saints day. Me and my mom have to push way in the store and pushed ourselves again to pay for the candles. I also bought the secondary candles that my mom will glam up. When I went home, I told my mom to show me the arrae that she had fixed. I was stunned. It looked really good and it was engraved with our names already. My mom said that she had that made since it will be ours already. I was so touched! Hehehehehe!!!!! I did not waste time to take pictures of it already.

Our arrae beside our monograms.

13 1970's 50 centavo coins... my mom's arrae during our wedding restored.

Engraved with our names already

Christian playing with the secondary candles

After I had a short nap, we went to my cousin's home to pick up our wedding rings that flew all the way from the US of the A! It is white gold band... Plain, simple and sweet just the way that I like it. I chose it actually online as I blogged earlier. So for both Kuya Boy and Benjie... Thanks thanks thanks from the bottle of our hearts... Laking tipid ito.. hehehehe!!!!

Where are the rings...???? Look at the P and Q rings. (P - Palomo & Q - Quiambao)
Almost done with our list of suppliers. I still have to meet with one designer on Friday before going to the Bridal & Stag Shower! I hope there are photobooths there. One of the last things we need plus the flowers!!! Almost done and within the budget!

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