Tuesday, October 27, 2009

weddings at work.. w@wie... proud to be a w@w bride!

I have the tag. I have the pin. I always put it on the bag that I carry even though that I change bags almost everyday. The actual strap of the bag tag broke already so I have to take the one from Christian's tag.. hehehe... People will ask what is it for.. I will simply reply ... W@w (read as wowee) !!! It is a Philippine bride's guide to an easier and smarter way of preparing for their wedding. It is an online resource of suppliers and tips about the ins and outs of the essential Filipino wedding.

It has an e-group community of future brides to be (b2b in w@w speak) and also some recently married w@w brides. Ever since I joined the group, I am so hooked to it. I am officially a w@w addict.. more addicted to it that my facebook account! I really learn tons of stuff from DIYs to saving for the wedding. There are exchanges of ideas and sharing of stories, not to mention the several vent outs about the ins and outs of preparations. I see the point of the group... There are no other people who will understand a bride to be except for another bride to be. Personally, I don't want to bombard my friends about my wedding preps. I like pouring it out at the community and of course on this wedding blog. I don't care if nobody reads my blog... hehehehe... I have this blog to document everything.

W@w makes it easier to voice out....

W@w tag... pin and wedding primer...

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  1. hi sis! w@wie/n@wie here. just saying hi! :) i enjoyed reading your blog. brought me back to my w@w days. enjoy the preps! :)