Friday, October 16, 2009

One more supplier checked from the list...

After last week's experience at Divisoria, Christian said that I should not have my bridal gown made there and have the supplier that we met last week. He said that he was actually at the verge of pulling me out the shop with him hearing the supplier made jokes about my size. He was the one who felt offended. So I searched my email inbox for the replies I got from some of the gown suppliers that I inquired with before. After searching far and wide... I texted Sheah Designs to schedule a meet up.

We decided to meet at a coffee shop and talk. Sheryl is really nice and easy to talk to. I like the way that she incorporated the design of the wedding gown that I want with her own style. She is way better than the one I talked to last week. She did not make any comment at all of my size but she did ask me to go on a diet already. Hehehe!!! Sheryl also showed me the materials that she will use and even have me picked on the swatches that will be the gowns of my entourage. I bet my sisters will like the cloth since it is not shiny at all. I love the lace that will be place in my gown but I will not elaborate. I called Christian after we talked to show him the materials but Sheryl said that I should not show him the sketch of the gown that she made. She wants it to be a secret so that Christian will be surprise on our wedding day.

After several minutes, Christian and I decided to get her as our supplier for both my gown, the entourages' dresses and my mom's as well. We already scheduled a date to take the measurements on December 12! I cannot really wait to see the final output of my bridal gown. At least talking with Sheryl made me feel more like a bride.

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