Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flowers... flowers.. flowers!

I am not the type of girl who likes flowers. Christian only gave me one piece of rose during our first Valentine's day together. He believes that it is a waste of money! Even though I gave him several hints to buy me just one bouquet for a change but no flowers came. I am not bitter or mad about it, I understand his philosophy about flowers. Now our wedding is almost less than 6 months, I have no idea what flowers to get for my bouquet or the centerpieces flowers or the entourage flowers... I am definitely clueless!

One flower supplier emailed me their rates. It is reasonable but I don't have an idea of what the flowers are. I heard about tulips, roses, carnations and mums but when I inquired about her on getting green flowers are my wedding bouquet, she gave types of flowers I haven't heard before! Cymbidiums for one. I forgot the others since I accidentally deleted the text message but I have to google the flowers to see what they look like. So far I like the cymbidiums and that's why it got stuck in my mind but honestly I have to google again the spelling of the name to get it right. I like the shade of green it has and bunch up with a white flower will definitely be nice.

Originally, I wanted a hand-tied bouquet of white calla lillies since it has a green stalk. Christian wanted the lily of the valley. So to give in to his suggestions, I searched online for suppliers of it and they cost a lot!!!! Their price is per stem for crying out loud!!! 25000 pesos for 100 stems... it will only be a small bouquet since on Martha Stewart weddings, it will be best to use 250 stems! I told Christian the price and he said to just use sampaguita since it has the same color and shape! Sampaguita is a local flower in the Philippines.
I have collected some photos online of nice bridal bouquets with green and white flowers. I wanted to have green flowers and blue fillers but I guess it is rare to have blue flowers here unless you want a white flower dyed blue... which I think is not picture perfect!

This is the too expensive lily of the valley... 25000 pesos hmmmm...

Green cymbidiums... nice!

with calla lilies

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