Monday, October 19, 2009

This is really final.. we booked our church!

After several months of searching and arguing, we have decided where to get married. I took Christian to Sta. Maria Goretti Parish along UN Avenue in Manila yesterday. I wanted to show him the church since it is small and really nice. This church is where me and my family usually hear Sunday mass when my dad was still well. The church is actually inside the compound of Pope Pius XII Catholic Center. A mass just started when we got there so we decided to hear mass, it is a long time since we heard mass.

Hearing mass there actually worked for me since Christian was able to have a feel of the church. He shared with me that he really likes it since it is small and we really wanted a small church. The air conditioning inside the church is an added bonus as well not to mention the painted murals in front is really nice. Too bad we weren't able to take pictures since we forgot the camera...

After the mass, we went straight to the parish office to inquire about their wedding services. Christian did not know that I already called in and inquired about the information and I have prepared the reservation payment as well in my wallet! (LOL!!!) So off we went and paid the reservation. I am so happy that we got what we wanted in a church --- small, plain, simple and solemn. I got some pictures online of the church. I will post more pictures soon when we go back to view the reception hall that they have.

Pictures courtesy of Sta. Maria Goretti Parish's website. The altar already has a mural painting, they said that it was just recently renovated.

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