Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seeing Chartreuse Green and Aqua Blue

We went out last Sunday to hear mass at Mt. Carmel in New Manila. Since it was early to go straight to the church, we decided to get off near the Nestle Ice Cream Shop along Aurora Blvd. It is the same place where then Magnolia Ice Cream House stood. It is the place that we usually when I was young to get our ice cream fix and buy the infamous dry-ice! When we got in, I noticed the walls match the color motif that we have for our wedding. What strikes me is that both of our colors are on the walls.... even on the menu. I told Christian to check it out and he is really cool about it.

After finishing our ice creams and headed off to the church to discover that the next mass is at 5 PM, we just went to Cubao and agreed to hear mass on our own parish. While walking around Araneta Center, I noticed that the building of SM also have some chartreuse green and aqua accents. I just cannot believe it as if I am seeing our motif all around me. I can remember one time I saw the same color on a girl's dress on TV. The colors are all of a sudden present all the time.

I know I am being paranoid but it is just a coincidence.

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