Monday, November 2, 2009

in search of a new home... my angst against my landlady!

Some things are too good to last...

We need to vacate our current home. We really love it since it is cozy and big enough for the two of us. The rent is quite high for two individuals like us but the space that we have compensates for the rent that we pay monthly. We stuck with it since we have the privacy that we want. But then, some things are not made to last specially if you are just renting. Our landlady told us that she and her family wanted to move in the space that we are renting due to the recent infamous Ondoy storm! She said that they got flooded in Malabon... In my mind, isn't Malabon always flooded?!?!? Well, she keeps on saying that it is not sure yet since she needs to get the funds to build the proper house for her and her family. She already went to our place with an architect and some of her relatives. I know she has the right to do that but she will not give us a definite date when she wants us out. She keeps on saying that she will give us two months to move out and we can use our deposit to pay for the months that we are looking for a new space. We told her that we don't want to stay for two months since we want to use the deposit to move to a new place.

After she informed us that we need to move soon, me and Christian started to search for a new place. We found one but lost it since the $$@#$@#g landlady will not reply to my text messages about when can we get the deposit! We have to call her to inquire and when we checked out the place again the signage is already gone! Bummer!!!! She then called us up begging us to stay until January 15, 2010 since she will have a hard time looking for a tenant that will rent out the place in two months! Imagine barely 3 months before our wedding... Saying that it will not be very near our wedding date! Whatthaf.#$!!!! Well, we then decided to give it a chance since we love the place too much and it is really hard to look for a decent place around our area.

But today!!!! GRRRRR!!!! I am still fuming thinking about it! Our landlady went again to check the place out and said to give her until the weekend to decide if she is really sure! I just nodded... After she left, I told Christian that maybe we should really look for a place and just leave before the 15th! I no longer have patience to wait for the decision of the landlady. I don't care if she will not have any income for two months. We bought a buy & sell magazine and we were able to look at some places and found one that we actually like! We are now in the process of paying for the deposit... When we informed our landlady, she called us up and said... "didn't I tell you to give me a week to decide?" OMG.. Here we go again! I told her we paid the downpayment already even if we have not just to close the discussion!

Now we are in the process of moving house! I guess it is part of the wedding rituals but it should happen after the wedding... We just did it first before saying the I Dos.

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