Sunday, November 22, 2009

DIY # 2: Secondary candles and the infamous matches

I have listed previously all the DIY projects that I need to accomplish for our wedding. I have finished with two so far.. I actually made them a few weeks ago, this is the only time that I have to upload the pictures. First, our secondary candles... What we did is, we bought two candles from Divisoria just before All Soul's Day... since we were buying candles for our dead love ones, we also got the wedding candles as well... I just told Christian that I will make it pretty nice.... So with the candles, I got some lace... some blings from the ever-dependable National Bookstore! Glue gun it and voila... Our secondary candles... we will not have a unity candle since.... hmmm.. i don't like it!

I created a small box for the finish candle since I know that we were moving... I don't want the bling to come out...

Green and blue... nice nice nice... I like the embellishments that I found in National Bookstore... Still have to make the other one... hehehehe
Costing of this project:
  • Candles ------------ 30 each - 60
  • Lace --------------- 20 each - 40
  • Embellishments ---------------- 90
TOTAL: 180 pesos

The price that I got it for is definitely cheaper than the ones I saw in the mall. I also don't like the puffy materials and flower flowers....

When there are candles, there should be matches to light them up. When one W@w sis shared her find about this good looking matches from Rustan's, everybody headed off to the nearest Rustan's in their area. I got one myself during our meeting with Sheryl from Sheah Designs (own gown supplier!). I like it as well since it is cheap and it really looks chic
because of the demask facing! It is simple fabulous!!!

I have some blings for this one, just haven't got the time to start it again!

It really does look good beside our candles!

Costing of this project:
  • matches ------------ 59.00 each - 118
  • Lace --------------- - 0 - since I got them for the candles als
  • Embellishments ---------------- - 25
TOTAL: 143 pesos

The matches is pricey compared to the other local matches that we have but it does not come on this size and the packaging also is really different!

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