Wednesday, November 25, 2009

we are changing our wedding date... 15 APRIL 2010 ... it is!

Yes you read it right.. we are moving our wedding to a day earlier... Christian just cannot wait a day to marry me... hehehehe!!!

Seriously why???? Well..... We have won the bidding for a photo-video coverage from the best photographers and videographers in the wedding industry. Imagine... Paul Vincent, Jayson Arquiza, Phoeben Teocson and Chug Cadiogan. I just cannot believe it. It came at a time that I am really looking for another photo-video supplier after I received an email from a fellow w@wie bride about her experience with the supplier that we earlier reserved.

Chug Cadiogan... videographer!

Jayson Arquiza ... photographer!

Paul Vincent ... Photographer

Phoeben Teocson - Videographer!
(all photos grabbed from their Facebook accounts! hehehehe)

I think it is meant to be since I bid on it even though we already have a supplier I tried to watch for this item on the W@w auction. I am hoping that we will have nice wedding pictures and videos. I remember said that I should get a nice videographer since she wants to see my wedding day! But then, we cannot afford the rates of the respected videographers.... I just prayed hard that we will be able to get it! Luckily, we won the bid.... Check out the sites of our suppliers for you to know why I am so happy!

Miscommunication occurred.. but that was settled.. with us moving our wedding date earlier... as I said Christian just cannot wait a day to marry me!!!

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