Wednesday, November 4, 2009

w@w annual auction.. xmas party!

Christmas Party 2009
The 2009 W@W Christmas Party
Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, November 27

by invitation only ---- and we are invited!!!!!

I cannot wait for the w@w Christmas party. I always tell Christian that good thing that W@w has a Christmas party that I can attend since our company will not have one again this year. The only Christmas party I get a chance to go to is my barkada's dinner and that is it! Boring!!!

Aside from the party, the other thing that I am excited about is the annual auction of the community. Several wedding suppliers donate their services that will be auctioned online! Ms. Benz, the owner of w@w, already sent out the lists of items to be auctioned.. including the much coveted Veluz and Cecilio Abad's gown at really good prices... which we cannot still afford and with my body type I guess I will not do justice to their creations!!!! However, I still got my eyes on two or three items from the list... and they are:

  • Bride's bouquet with lily of the valley flowers ... with a value of 6000 pesos...
I already blogged about it this flower that Christian really likes. The value is still high for flowers but I am optimistic that God will provide me this one at a much lower cost. Well, it all depends on the bids of my co-w@wies! Keeping my fingers cross!

  • Atty. Raymond Fortun's engagement pictorial.. value at 5000 pesos!
I really really wanted to have our photos taken by Atty. Fortun (view his work by clicking on the link) but unfortunately he does not have open bookings for April since it is his sabbatical month. When I inquired, he said that April is his time to be with his family and rest from legal work! Too bad I say but having our pre nuptials taken by him is another route but since we are really short with the budget. I placed his prenup under our nice-to-have list together with the onsite video from Threelogy! With this auction, this will be our chance to have it! I hope we have a BIG chance!

The W@w christmas party will be really something... This is my chance to dress up. I might even have a trial make up done just to have an excuse to be all glammed up!

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