Sunday, November 22, 2009

our new home

After having some problems with our landlady, we decided to search for a new home. We were able to find one that is somewhat still near my workplace and near from our old house. It is way smaller than the previous one but the rent is reasonably cheap and definitely lower than the other one.

We officially move last 14 November, Saturday. Straight from our respective shifts, we finalized all the packing that we can and hauled all our stuff on the rented truck. I never imagined that we will fill one truck with our stuff. In a span of a year and five months, we never realized that we have acquired a lot of house stuff!!! I was scared that it will not fit the new home that we are moving into... My mom helped us also on our move.. Thank you mommy!!! She fixed our bed and the curtains while we unpack some of the boxes. She even brought us some food! Yehey!!!

We moved all our stuff and arranged it in a matter of 3 hours... It was fast! That will include the cleaning time as well. I was just exhausted especially Christian since we both came from our night shifts... However, I still went with my mom to Trinoma since the mall was having a sale at that time and the 13th month bonus was just credited. Hehehehe!!!

After a week in our new home, I took some snapshots of the house since I also documented the old house that we have. I just wished that we stay her for a longer period of time. I told Christian that the next time that we are moving, it will be our own house already... enough with renting and pain in neck landlords!

There are 8 other tenants in the compound including our landlord. The place is really clean that's why we decided to get this house

The hallway slash living room.. it leads to our small kitchen...

Well there is no dining room as you can see our old table is folded, we just take it out when it is time to eat. Can you see the small stove that we have on the right corner? We are still thinking of buying a stand for it and take out the wooden bench outside to have more space.

Our sofa... and see the box on the corner.. that is our christmas tree waiting to be opened and dolled up...

Our small room.. and my study table... really small compared to our old house..

Changes.. changes .. changes. I am scared of what will be the next change that we will have.

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