Thursday, September 10, 2009

Presenting... our wedding theme....

Hello hello to everyone... A few days ago me and Christian were discussing what will be our theme for the wedding. We cannot think of anything until a surge of electricity ran through me! I told him that we can have a Yahoo Messenger theme or more of a chat theme, since we met through the wonderful world of chatrooms! He totally agreed with me on this and hence we have our wedding theme... everything of our stationery will be YM inspired. Checked out the photos of the invites draft that I have placed here...
This is a very rough draft of our invites. I worked on it using MS Word but will try to work on it using Adobe Photoshop when I go home to my mom's place this weekend. Our invites suppliers will be printing the final layout and I asked help with the fonts that we can use. I just wish my sister have good fonts installed in her PC.

Working without a Photoshop did not stop me from thinking of other ways of incorporating our theme in our wedding. We talked about having our table numbers as smiley YM emoticons instead of the regular numbers. Hehehehe... Again, I worked on a draft of it.

I am still trying to search for other emoticons that we can use. We need seven all together. I really want the emoticons from YM instead of the other messengers since YM is where we met. Hope someone can help me with that! We are also making the escort cards and I will write about that soon. More YM inspired DIYs to come.


  1. hi sis! nice wedding theme, very unique. hope u'll let me feature it on my wedding site ( the site features real life weddings and inspirations. exchange links? what up ka pala? diliman ako. :)

  2. hello sis.... sure no problem with featuring us... UP Diliman din me ... CSSP po BA History... 97 ang student number hehehehe....