Friday, July 10, 2009

Looking for a venue...

I am already getting annoyed in getting the venue for our wedding reception. I even have my mom calling out churches and different halls. When I talked to her today, I guess she is right in saying that it is not hard to find the place since there are tons of venues out there. The main issue is the budget constraints. I guess I should let go of my ideal place to get married and stick with the budget and look for a suitable place. I will just have to ask Christian about the budget that we can work out to get the venue and the church already.

You can check this out:

I hope you guys can read it. It is so hard to look for a venue and church. since we want the church be near the reception hall. We are keeping our fingers cross to find the one! If you are looking for your own reception venue and church you will need to ask these information:

Availability of schedule
How much ang fee
What are the inclusions
Reservation fee

How many hours your basic package
May ingress or regress time
Accredited caterers
Electricity charge
How many guest they can accommodate

Good luck to our search!!!

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