Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just had another food tasting with Hizon's today. Even though we booked them already, we went to the food tasting today to check out the venue.... The venue is called the Light of Love, located along Santol Street in Quezon City. I came with Christian and Sharleen.. the place is extremely close to my parent's house!!! Literally close!!!!

The place is really really beautiful... It is pricey but I love it... Christian loves it as well... It is a convenience for us and to my family as well since most of them don't have their own vehicles...We are keeping our fingers cross that this is the one... The place is over our budget for the venue but we planned to forego with some stuff in our budget list... maybe twist and turn some suppliers that we are looking at the moment and go with the more affordable packages... we will definitely do not need to book a hotel for the wedding preps since I talked to the person from the venue and said that we can make an arrangement to have the preps at one of the bridal rooms in the venue itself for a minimum fee. I have asked my mom to check out the churches near the area since that will definitely set our budget for the church at a minimum for some of the churches there are not the really big churches.... We really want this venue....

Just check out the pictures below:

Tree-lane drive towards the venue.... wet road due to the hard downpour during the day.

Entrance to one of the halls.... Perfect place to put the cocktail bar and the mobile bar for cocktails once the guests arrive from the church ceremony.

Pictures of the Atrium... it can accommodate 120 guest, perfect for our needs. Just look at the pillars, pretty good to go with our wannabe Greek theme. The place reminds me of the courtyard in 300. How I wish Leonidas will pop up. Just check out the ceiling, we can still have the outdoor feel under the stars but keep ourselves dry.

Shar just clicked and clicked away with her camera phone. Taken in one of the tents within the venue where the Hizon's food tasting took place.

Some of the bridal rooms available in the venue. There are three rooms altogether. All are spacious, clean and they have a pretty big closet as well as nice bathrooms as well.

One of the other venue, it leads outside to the balcony. They say it can accomodate 150 guests but I am not keen of having the shiny floors.

If you want to know more about the place, check them out at 1163 Santol Street, Quezon City. It is near to SM Centerpoint and Araneta Avenue. Numbers are 714.7989/714.3871.

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