Monday, July 13, 2009

a brave DIY attempt!!!

I wrote before that I am DIY challenged! However, I wanted to test myself if I can create something for our wedding. I decided with doing our save-the-date cards and special cards for our principal sponsors and entourage.

Aside from fooling around with facebook and reading updates in the w@wie community, I came across Scrapblog. This site made me try out if I can do something that is decent. Here are some of what I created so far.

I sent out this one to my 1H family... Since most of them are lawyers, I am assuming that they are all so busy and I hope that 9 months notice is enough for them!!! Since that is my one wish, to have most of my beda friends at our wedding.

Love the beach!!!! White sand bar in Camiguin!

This one will be for our principal sponsors and entourage. We will hand carry this one and deliver it to them.

I really tried to incorporate our color motif in the STD cards. Good thing, I know stuff already about the hexa codes and all that crap about colors because of my work now. I am pretty impressed on what these came out as. I will try to incorporate the church and reception venue once we booked them before the end of August.

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