Sunday, July 5, 2009

I defintely want a dress like this one

After visiting the church, we pass through Trinoma on our way home. This is my chance to take a picture of the dress I saw the other day at the same mall. OMG... I really really love the details on this dress. I wasted no time to snap photos of it. This will definitely be the inspiration dress that I will have for my wedding gown.

I only wish that I can afford the designer... but no... a basic wedding gown by him costs Php 80,000!!!! That will already be the cost of our food.

Well, I can dream right!!! And I can have a dress patterned against this one.

But i really really love this dress! After searching the internet about the creator of this lovely piece of art, I got some pictures of dresses that can be inspirational as well.

I love it .. love it ... love it...

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