Saturday, July 24, 2010

we hit the 100 days mark

Today is our 100 days as a married couple ... Just want to blog about it for memories ... It is a busy day at work earlier but all is worth it since there will be a party tonight! Nothing fancy to celebrate it... no dinner date or something special... Just me and Christian celebrating our tita's birthday with the rest of our family.

What happened in the last 100 days? Friends asked me often how's married life? Well... hmmmm... I always answered it's simply the same life that we had before we get married the only difference we have the papers to prove that we are married! But honestly, Christian is sweeter now... LOL! Somethings different.. I am more bound to make him coffee when he wakes up and set up the table for dinner. I can boss him around too without him complaining! hahahaha...
All together we are happy that we made the giant leap.... We feel the blessings pouring in. Now that the wedding planning and stuff has stopped... The next project that we have... a baby... hahahaha

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