Wednesday, November 10, 2010

W@w primer... handy dandy for wedding preps

Being a w@w (weddings at work) addict for my wedding preparation days, I relayed on some reading materials to make my wedding preps more efficient and inspired. Aside from the wedding magazines, I have my handy dandy w@w primer. It is one of the most helpful things that I had. There are tips and some wedding kwentos.

The w@w primer is the brainchild of the founders of w@w... Ms. Benz and Sir John Rana. A husband and wife tandem, whom during their own wedding preps moments felt that there is a lack of resources to pool Philippine wedding suppliers so they came up with the site ( and of course gave birth (nanganak talaga noh! hahaha!!!) to the egroups that I grew to love!

This primer is printed every year and most of the articles are written by weddings suppliers so you know that you are getting the hottest tips from the people from the industry themselves. In this primer, Ms. Veluz Reyes shared her thoughts on getting the meant-to-be wedding gown. Ms. Madge Lejano provided her insights on having the right bridal make up! Hayyyy.. I love reading it.

These are the reasons why I gifted some of my friends who are getting married with the w@w primer.... hahahaha! However the best thing about this year's w@w primer.. our names are in it!!! Hahahaha... check out page 66. Soooo... I will definitely try by best to give my other friends who are planning their wedding.

my copy of the 2010 w@w primer! lav it!

yebah... page 66.. i always have a dream of being published.. hahahaha

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