Wednesday, June 2, 2010

simply estatic..

Yesterday my sister went down to get a package addressed to me.... When I went out of our room and she handed me the package... I was smiling from ear to ear.... I tore the package apart.... I already knew what it was since the sender was Phoeben Teocson .... wahahaha... it was the raw video footage of our wedding!

My sister was really excited as well. Super Idol nya si Bim! There were three dvd boxes in the package. All were nicely done! I love love the yellow color! The two boxes contained the dvd copy of our onsite video while the other one contains two dvds of the raw video coverage. We popped it in the dvd player and just watched... Me and my sister were laughing at some of our stolen shots... I even texted my sister who is working in Iloilo to tell her about it. Christian gave a lot of comments on how he looked like that day. It was pure happiness watching our video.. even though it is not edited yet... hehehehe


really really love the yellow and black details on the cover

feel... we were really feeling it!

it all seems like it was just yesterday!

Thanks thanks .. many many thanks! to Bim and to Gen... We will really need to find the funds now to get this beautiful footage edited.. hahahaha... lotto... lotto...

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  1. wow grabe sis! parang talagang movie lang ah :D ang ganda!!!