Friday, June 11, 2010

for all h2bs ---- better watch this!

Another video shared by one of my friends in Facebook.... Like the previous video this is worth sharing again! Why? Watch it and you will know why!

Did you watch it already? Tell me that it is worth it! This video or more like an ad tells us that marriage is a give and take thing... not only marriage but all kinds of relationship. The only difference with marriage to other relationships... it is binding and should be everlasting. There must be the presence of compromise. There is forgiveness! There is a goal to move forward to any issues or conflicts that came up. We might have heard by now the advice of settling the fight that you might have encountered for the day before going to sleep! I guess it is true! I cannot really sleep well when me and Christian if we still have some issues unsettled!

H2bs... learn to understand your W2bs... W2bs... learn to lengthen your patience! Let's face it... Guys are late bloomers! I am right, right?!?

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