Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the question of why do churches charge so much...

I have read on the w@w site that church weddings are becoming costly. It is not only because of the reception aspect of church weddings that are becoming expensive but the church itself charges unbelievable rates for one to have God's blessings.

One example.. The Shrine of Jesus in Pasay.. that big orange church in front of Terminal 3.. charges 25k for a wedding ceremony! Christ the King in Greenmeadows, Santuario de San Jose and Saint Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish (Magallanes Church)also have the same rate. We get that they are all air conditioned churches but why? why 25,000 pesos!? We know that they say that it is all in -- meaning there will flowers, carpet and pianist and soloist but for the love of God, why so much?

Honestly for us, we paid 15,000 pesos and an extra 500 for the charge... and they say that it is all in! Golly! We just have to plug in one light for the photographers... it will not even cost 100 pesos for less than an hour ceremony! I really don't feel that the church is standing by what they teach that marriage is sacred and they keep on preaching that it is not all about costs of it but the blessing that the couple receives.....

Aside from the fees, why do the churches have so many requirements? Yeah, it is understandable to have the baptismal and confirmation certificates and the seminar but why oh why do one have to struggle in case there will be a problem with their information on the certificates? Like in our case, my mom's last name was wrong on the certificate. Instead of Marcelo they placed Manalo. I was baptized at the same church where my parents got married. For Christian, his baptismal certificate showed Stephen as his second name! The church said that we have to fix it since his second name is not on his confirmation certificate! I thought this would be easy to fix but no.. I have to go to the Archdioses of Cubao to have it fix there and they have ask me to talk to Christian over the phone to confirm what they need us to do! Gosh! Talk about hassle! Take note .. there are additional fees in the process of doing this! Not to add the permit or marriage banns that one has to get from the local parish church where they reside! Ours cost us 600 pesos from one church! What if we live separately then.. I guess it will cost us another thousand pesos! Jeeezzz!

You thought that this is enough.. No... there's more! Why on earth do some churches have special rules? Like a non-parishioner is not allowed to get married at their church if they will not avail of the churches in-house reception venue or if they will not get a sponsorship from a parishioner. Isn't marriage a sacrament and sacraments should not be denied to any Catholic? Again.. why would the church be doing this?

This blog is not to discourage any future couple from marrying in front of God's altar but I would rather have this blog get the attention of our church leaders. Marriage should be open to all.

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